ADK High Peak #2: 360º view with 34 High Peaks / 92 other landmarks

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This Peak Finder features the stunning views
that hikers can see from the summits of Mt Jo and
four great Adirondack High Peaks.   24 pages

The #1 Gift for “ADK 46ers” and for Hikers of the Adirondack High Peaks

  - “Interesting historical and geological facts are peppered throughout this tidy deck of cards” -

Identifies the views from five Adirondack Mountains near Adirondack Loj:
6,000 square miles of mountains, lakes, geology, watersheds, and history

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ADK High Peak #11: 320º view with 29 High Peaks / 26 others

A great family climb: 230º view with 16 High Peaks / 12 others

ADK High Peak #32: 270º view with 26 High Peaks / 32 others

ADK High Peak #16: 360º view with 33 High Peaks / 55 others

ALGONQUIN PeakALGONQUIN_Peak.htmlALGONQUIN_Peak.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0

    $12.95 US